Sabtu, 12 Juni 2010


They don't call The World Cup the "biggest sporting event in the world" because of the size of the stadiums. For one month every four years, all eyes are trained on a single nation as superstars, upstarts and fading veterans from all corners of the planet converge on a few fields of grass to negotiate global football supremacy. But regardless of who emerges victorious (isn't it always one of like, seven countries?), in the end it's all about the World Cup goals.

North Americans have failed to adopt football as their own because of a decided lack of scoring and a perceived stagnancy that operates in direct opposition to the run-and-gun style of the NBA, NHL and NFL (sorry baseball). So for those out there still on the fence about the world's most popular sport, the following 10 World Cup goals should be requisite viewing. Here are our favorite examples of 10 footballers who seized the moment on the world's grandest stage and didn't let go until the ball was in the back of the net.

Here are the top 10 World Cup goals.

Start with No.10

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